Fast vs. Slow

Everyone has a favorite in the Romero vs. Boyle zombie (infected). For me I prefer the slow, staggering zombie, moreso for the sentimental journey it brings me on. I have such fond and terrifying memories of the 80’s and 90’s slow undead. They are to me the symptom of a dying world and carries with it an atmosphere that the fast undead do not.

That being said, the fast undead (infected) are TERRIFYING. They take away one’s ability to outmaneuver the dead. Their world is one of sheer panic and terror, a world where one mistake is one too many.

The reason I included both in Harvest of Ruin and the subsequent books was not an effort to force them into the same work. It was because they fit, and it felt right. My mission in writing the books was to tell a story, and a good one, about normal people. Most of the stories I read and watched either had no plot other than “Ahhh! Zombies!”, had weak characters, or tried and failed at a gimmick to make it interesting. The one thing they missed over and over was a good story.


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