Walking Dead Finale and some thoughts on the series.

Season 7 finale in a short while. It and Fear, the offshoot, are the only television shows I watch religiously. Everything else I binge watch. It’s not that either are phenomenal, both suffer from some small to major flaws, but it is the only serious zombie show on.

Don’t get me wrong, I am  huge TWD fan, I’ve been reading and collecting the comics since around the prison storyline, 2006-2007 or so. For the most part they have done a decent job with the show. I was disappointed that they didn’t take Rick’s arm off, but I get it, you have a limited budget (that seems to be going down? or at least quality seems to be) and you don’t want to blow it all on prosthetics/CGI for a hand.

The next point of contention I have, and this one is a biggie for me. They didn’t kill the baby. This was catastrophic, they had to. Now they are stuck with this “prop” of a baby that never cries or fusses and is almost never seen. Terrible loose end that they seem to be ignoring.

Another thing is that when Lori was alive, they were getting formula for the kid. Maybe there were lactation problems, but they never addressed it, instead they just get formula. Babies cry, you know how to quiet one? give it a boob. Especially in an apocalyptic scenario, you don’t need to be adding more things to the list of what you “need”.

Other problems: Gas and car batteries go bad. You’ll be hard-pressed to find gas that will fire that’s over a year old. Every car they need they just hotwire  it, no muss no fuss.

Don’t even get me started on the Rick/Michonne deer scene. That was some of the worst editing I’ve seen on television. Period.

Nitpicking? Maybe. But when you are trying to immerse someone into a world you’ve created, you should at least address some of these things, so people aren’t popping back out of that world to shake their head.

Again, I am a huge fan and love the show.  I don’t pretend to know about TV production or costs or the like, but some of the stuff that has been making it to my screen this season should have never made it there. The show is great, but it could be so much better.

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