Zombie Movies: Night of the Living Dead (1968)

One of the greatest zombie films of all time, if not the greatest. It is the grandfather of all the pop-zom stuff glutting the market today. George Romero may have been inspired by The Last Man on Earth, but he created a lasting landscape of apocalyptic horror like none other out of it.

As far as a plot is concerned, there isn’t much. It’s the story of a handful of survivors that find themselves trapped in a farmhouse as the dead roam about outside it. Contact with the outside world is limited to television and radio, offering little.

What Romero did was inject a bit of social commentary in the film at a time where racial tensions were high. I cant imagine the impact the ending had on people in the late 60s. Even when I first viewed it in the early 90s it was powerful.

I don’t mind the black and white, though some do. I love the 1990 version as it was the first viewing I had of the story (My parents don’t like B&W, so there was never a copy around to watch)

Overall I give this film: 7/10

I rated the story high as it was the progenitor of all zombie survival flicks, if it came out today it would be much lower.

Characters: 6.5

Cast: 6

film quality: 6

Story: 9

Zombies: 8.5

Lasting appeal: 6

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