My new WIP is a sci-fi of sorts, set three hundred years in the future. It is at 14,000 words and every day (nearly) i nudge it forward another 1,000 words or so. I really enjoy the plot and characters, I’ve just been having some writing issues the past couple months.

I finished the Harvest of Ruin trilogy in December and since then I have constantly had to switch gears back to book 1 to prep it for publication. I had run through book 2 with a second edit and was in the process of editing the rough draft of book 3 when I received Harvest of Ruin back from the publisher. They had received it back from the proofreader and wanted me to do one final run through before publication.

So Harvest got a final-final revision and by the time I got back to book 3 I had run out of steam. I cut the chapters together and called it a day. (My method is to write the story-lines separately and shuffle the chapters together once the book is done.).

I wrote a couple short stories, one for a contest and another as an homage to HP Lovecraft, for fun. That’s when the inspiration came for my current WIP.

As much as I’d like to get back to book 2+3 of the Harvest series, I feel It’s important to stay focused on the first book, as that is the one I am about to start promoting full-time.

I also have 2 other starts to a novel sitting between 15k and 20k at the moment, the spark of excitement moved on for the moment though. It’s an odd feeling as a new novelist to have the satisfaction of completing your story, albeit in three books, then to start over, knowing you can, but almost dreading taking the plunge once again.

Writing long fiction, for me, is a consuming, immersive process that requires total dedication, and I am reticent to do so in another story at the moment. Spring is here though, and if this year is a repeat of last, I’ll do little writing in the warm months. I rely on the self-imposed isolation that winter brings on to stoke my creativity.

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