Nearly a week post-publication

The book is trending upwards which is nice, though, I am probably following it a little too closely, taking me on a rollercoaster ride.

It hit 216 last night in Horror eBooks (out of 98k+) so I’m very grateful for that.

Receiving nice grades on Goodreads as well as Amazon, though, I was hoping for a lot more (quantity-wise)

Still trying to work the kinks out and increase my visibility, researching horror news sites and such, but everything seems to cost a bunch of money.

Trying to get out to some cons and signing events coming up, will keep the site up to speed on that.

And the big news is: got my first physical copy yesterday. The photos don’t do it justice, the book is beautiful, I love it.

So, please, if you are reading this, go over to amazon and shell out the $4 and leave a nice review. Once you’ve read it go leave me a review on goodreads.

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