Movie Review: Contracted (2013)

Watched this one last night for the first time. To be honest, it took me a long time to get around to watching it due to the STD aspect, it made me a little weary. Finally after over a year of watching I sat down and I was not disappointed.

First I should mention that this is not your normal zombie flick. It is more akin to Colin (2008) than any other zombie flick in my opinion. While Colin spent more time as a zombie than the main character, Samantha, did in this, it was more of a let-down to me than Contracted was.

That being said, what struck me was how real the main Samantha, came across. I feel like we all knew someone at some point in their life that was on a lonely-sad-trainwreck of a course for a bit, and Samantha, played by Najarra Townsend played it beautifully.

For those looking for some hardcore zombie violence, look elsewhere, this is more of a character study during the initial outbreak of a zombie infection.


Overall I give this film: 7/10

Characters: 8

Cast: 8

film quality: 8

Story: 6

Zombies: 5 (infected) Scored low as there was only one scene with a zombie. The makeup was beautifully done however.

Lasting appeal: N/A (yet)

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