Review: It Stains the Sands Red

Be warned: Some Spoilers:
I really enjoyed a lot of this movie, the plot was interesting and it had a lot of fresh ides. I really enjoyed the character development and study of the MC. I enjoyed the dynamic between the MC and the zombie for most of the movie.
There were some glaring mistakes in the writing that I couldn’t overlook and some eye-rolling.
Maybe because I write, I am too tuned into what is believable. But I have a hard time just sitting back and enjoying a movie where we as the viewer are expected to believe silly things to make it easy to continue the plot. 
The 4 issues keeping this from being a phenomenal movie:
1. The car is stuck, MC brings up throwing wood under the wheel for traction. Her boyfriend comments that they don’t have any wood and the idea is dropped. There are large plants in the background as well as making the simple stretch to pull out floor mats, tire iron, jack, seats etc. to do this. 60 seconds of trial and error could have corrected this.
2. She shelters for the night atop rocky outcropping in one scene with a LOT of rocks she could smash down onto his head, risking nothing. She doesn’t.
3. I get that she doesn’t want to be alone, but I think it was a very weak plotline to have her quickly adapt to keeping the zombie as a pet of sorts.
4. The final eye roll is a big one: The MC cuts her her finger off by smashing it with a rock.

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